Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thanks, News, Into The Wild

First, a big thank you to our new sponsors:
Shannon and Rand Olson
Verlee Sullivan

Second, some thoughts on our progress on achieving our goals. We have still not had the "big break" we are looking for with our story outside the Fargo-Moorhead area. I have submitted our story to the news outlets in the towns we have been going through, but none of them have picked up the story. While this may keep us from achieving our financial goal, we do feel that we have done well in raising awareness. Of course there are 2 weeks left to go and I will continue submitting our story so maybe our luck will change.

Lastly, we are headed into Yosemite National Park tomorrow. There is very, very limited internet and cell phone service, so we are not sure when, or how often we will be able to update. We will do our best to update as much as we can.

Thanks for checking in on us. Here is a picture of Crater Lake, which ws amazing.

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  1. This looks a little like Heaven to me. Love it!