Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grand Canyon Pictures

We left the Grand Canyon area this morning and got to Zion this afternoon. One of the more enjoyable drives so far as we got to see Wupatki National Monument, Lake Powell and lots and lots of cliffs and canyons. We enjoyed the pool at the hotel when we got here this afternoon as it was once again 100+ degrees. I think the heat may be following us. Did I mention we got hailed on the other day while driving in northern Arizona? Weird. Also had a few moments of torrential rain. I thought this was the desert?

We hiked to the Weeping Rocks today where water literally comes out of rocks. The guide said the water fell as rain over 4,000 years ago. It was pretty cool.

Well, here are some pictures from the Grand Canyon. Will post today's pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful pics. Keep safe and will see you after you get home back at LWLC.