Saturday, July 18, 2009

Signs of Jess

Today brought a few undeniable signs to us that our sweet Jess is with us on this journey.

The first came as we made our first stop in Crater Lake National Park. It is a breathtaking park and the lake is indescribable. As we climbed to the top of a path, we were surrounded by butterflies. They were everywhere and they wouldn't sit still long enough for Jason to get a pic of them.

Our other sign of our sweet girl, came this evening. We checked into our hotel in Anderson, CA and it was still over 100 degrees at 7:15 so we promptly headed to the pool. There were two young boys in the water. We got in and started our usual game of volleyball with Noah and everywhere we went the boys seem to swim right around us. It was a bit annoying, to be honest. Finally after about 15 minutes, Jason and I headed to the hot tub and Noah asked them to play. They began to play together and Noah asked their names. You guessed it- Noah and Jesse. I am not kidding I almost cried. Noah played better with these two boys than he has with any kids in the pool and he was less afraid of the water. Jason even ended up joining in the fun with the kids. I told the boys' mom and dad our story and how much their children's names meant to us. It was soooo cool.

So we are believers in angels, we are believers in signs.

Thanks sweet Jess for the signs today we love you sweet angel....


  1. What a great sign from Jess. These two events surely are a miracle and sign that Jess is surely with you. I didn't become a LWLC until Feb 2008 when my brother passed away, so I didn't have an opportunity to meet your sweet Jess. But you have really kept her memory alive in everyone you touch. Thank you for this. Have a great and safe journey. Verlee

  2. WOW!!! Amazing gifts from above!! love you all!!!

  3. What an awesome day filled with signs from Jess! I had no doubts that she would be travelling with you every mile on this journey. Thanks for keeping us updated! Praying for continued safe travels.
    Amy W.