Thursday, June 18, 2009

Held - Part 2

It's been two years since we said goodbye to Jess. It has been a long 2 years. Good days aren't as good. Bad days are worse. Days that we used to look forward to are now faced with trepidation. Birthdays, holidays and celebrations are all reminders that Jess is gone.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the song Held, written by Christa Wells and performed by Natalie Grant. I wrote about how the song, a subsequent conversation with Christa Wells and a sermon by Pastor Cory helped me to have a revelation of sorts. (Click here to read about it in the first Held post)

I wrote Christa to ask if she had a video of her singing Held that I could post on this blog. She responded that she had just recently started on the singing part of her singer/songwriter career and that she didn't have anything of her singing Held yet. Then she sent me another email that included this:

Christa has such a beautiful voice, and we feel so honored that she would do this "for Jess". Please visit her at and check out her new album. I especially like the songs 'weightless', 'on the mountain' and 'a thousand things'.

As always, thanks for checking in on us. Especially today, Jess' second Angel day.

We miss you Jess. We love you. And we can't wait to see you again.

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  1. Still thinking of you all. Jess is going to be busy watching over you all in the coming month. She's going to be so proud of the work you are doing!
    Joan and Vern