Wednesday, May 20, 2009


One of the most common questions people we know ask us about the Journey For Jess is if we are all going. Yes, we are all going. Initially we thought that Noah would go with us for part of it and then stay with his grandparents the rest of the time, but once we started trying to work out the logistics of transporting him back and forth we realized that it would be better for him to be with us for the whole trip. This has caused us to re-think some of our lodging options as we were planning to have a couple of nights sleeping in the back of the Journey which isn’t going to work now that there are 3 of us. We also needed to find a few places that are more Noah friendly and that will allow us to shower every few days and maybe do some laundry. So depending on the prevalence of bears and other wild animals we have updated some of our accommodations to include walls. (and bathrooms and swimming pools, although that has nothing to do with wild animals) We are sticking with the original budget amounts, which are based on sales of merchandise, so that Amy and I are covering any additional expenses incurred from upgraded lodging. As a reminder, all sponsorship money is being split between the charities. Only money from the sale of merchandise helps pay for the costs of the trip.

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